What can I register on IRCODE?

You can register any image as an IRCODE. Whether you’re an artist who wants to extend meaning beyond the canvas, a photographer who is curious how many people see their photos, a marketer who wants to add digital messaging to a physical ad, or an individual who wants to attach digital details to a paper invitation – there are countless use cases for IRCODE, limited only by your ideas.

How long is my IRCODE valid?

Your IRCODE is valid forever once it’s registered. Pro accounts include detailed analytics, and many cool features including privacy, account verification, and added security. Basic users can access some of these features for an additional fee of $10 per year for each image.

How do I access IRCODE?

Our ideal scanning and registering experience is accessed through the IRCODE app, now available on iOS and coming soon to Android. You can also access IRCODE on any device through our website, which provides the ability to upload, explore and manage images, as well as your account and dashboard. 

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